Careful Trouble is a research studio and a social enterprise, helping make technologies work better for more people, more of the time.

What we do

We are researchers, foresight practitioners and community builders and our work combines a deep understanding of technology with a commitment to putting people first.

We work with clients to forecast possible futures and create equitable technology policy, governance and training solutions, and we

work in partnership to build and deliver alternative innovation infrastructures for the C21st. technology companies and government agencies.

Careful Industries is a research consultancy, founded in 2019.

We understand the social impacts of technology, shape new futures, and design policies for a more equitable world.

“Care is the organising principle for everything we do”

Our values

More about us

Promising Trouble is a social enterprise whose work puts community power at the heart of technology and innovation.

More about us

We understand the social impacts of technologies and build networked communities for troubled times.

We’re always looking for partners, collaborators, and interesting people. Get in touch if you’d like to work together.